Learn to draw the human figure!
with Derek Batty
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Essential information  
Tip: print this out and read at your leisure!

Welcoming and friendly classes for all abilities!

Life Drawing for All
at Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre
6 Buchan Street, Cambridge CB4 2XF

Mondays 9.30 - 12.15 pm
(Doors open 9.00 am)

You can join anytime and there are classes throughout the year.  We use varied male and female models and usually have two models.   There is a friendly and supportive atmosphere and you will be welcomed whether you are a beginner or more experienced artist.   

There are materials for sale in the class and others for you to try out, in addition to drawing boards and clips.  

Once you have joined the class you do not have to book  - you can just turn up.  Check full details about the class by clicking on the buttons below. 

How to get there 
Buchan Street is a large modern spacious hall, north of central Cambridge,  just off Kings Hedges Road.  Get there by cycle, bus or car. Walking is not recommended.  There is a cafe and supermarket next to the centre.

20 minute ride from the city centre.    Follow signs to CRC Kings Hedges and Buchan Street.   Get the map by clicking below or google the postcode CB4 2XF. 

From the Rail Station

Either take the number 8 towards Cottenham (35 minutes) alighting at Kings Hedges Road, then a short walk along Kings Hedges Road

Or choose the number 1 (every 10 minutes)  towards Arbury.  For simplicity get off at Armitage Way and walk 3 minutes along Kings Hedges Road.   The bus takes 40 minutes from the station and is rather tedious. Best: take a taxi and someone will give you a lift back.

Timetable for Bus 1

From the City Centre and from St Ives

Take the Guided Bus B alighting at Orchard Park West.  . From Drummer Street, Cambridge get the 0910.  From St Ives catch the 08.58  Guided bus diversion (October 2019 for six more months): alight at Kings Hedges Road/Histon Road and walk along Kings Hedges Road.

Click here for the Guided Bus timetable

Free parking.  Buchan Street is very close to the A14  (Histon and Milton interchanges) off Kings Hedges Road.  1 km distant from Cambridge Regional College (CRC).  Get the map by clicking on the link below.

Please only w
alk only if you are a dedicated hiker and it is a fine day.  Buchan Street is 45 minutes from the city centre.  My map makes it look closer than it really is!

What to bring

You can use any materials you wish.  On your first visit I recommend that you use materials you are familiar with, such as charcoal, pastel or pencil.   We have boards and clips, usually resting a board on a chair in front.   Some students bring their own easel.  There is paper, charcoal and cont crayon  for sale, and other assorted materials for you to borrow.  Tea, coffee and biscuits are supplied free but you do have to wash your own cups!

How much does it cost?

You can pay for individual classes or commit yourself to a regular attendance.

Individual Class:  18 pay as you go. 
Book of Five Class Vouchers:  78  Each time you attend you give me one of your vouchers.  They can be used for any class within three months.
Whole Term Fee:  The most economical way to pay if you are able to commit yourself for the whole term.  The cost varies with the term length and you may join half way through the term at a reduced amount.  You can pay with two cheques, one post-dated. 

What to expect?

I try to start promptly.  We usually begin with a starting pose of ten to twenty minutes so that you can get some drawing as soon as possible.  Then there are short poses of between one and twenty minutes.  Each week I introduce a particular aspect of drawing which is explained in an illustrated hand out.  Topics have included foreshortening, colour and drawing the head.  But the central purpose of the class is life drawing and you are welcome to use any method or material.   There is a break of twenty minutes with self-service tea and coffee after which we have one pose.  At the end of the class I encourage you to select one drawing for a brief exhibition, although there is no pressure on you to display your work.

Fixative- Free Studio! 

 Please note that for health reasons  fixative (or hair spray) should not be used inside the building at any time.   Other high vapour materials may need to be restricted. How to preserve your charcoal and pastel drawings.

Hope to see you!

Well so much information.  Much too scary, possibly.  And so the only way you are going to find out if the class can work for you is by coming along!  So enough words.  Time for drawing!  See you there.


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